Tips for Tinting your Eyebrows


If you are stuck at home during lockdown and can’t get to a salon, here are some tips for tinting your own eyebrows safely.

Use a good quality dye

Choose a vegetable dye where possible and one that is tried and tested. For an exclusive product, contact the salon – we have salon grade products that can make all the difference. For budget solutions, check out your local Superdrug – they have a range of products available.

Use a spoolie brush

It can make your eyes look more natural and is the key to precise application.

Buy a bottle of no tears shampoo

Baby shampoo should do it – when you are washing the tint out you’ll be glad of it.

Don’t use tweezers if you overdo it

When the dye starts to fade, your eyebrows will look patchy.

Look forward to the day when you can relax and let us do it for you!

Afterall, going to a salon isn’t just about looking great – it’s  chance to relax, unwind and pamper yourself.